Jake Jackson


Jake Jackson is a professionally trained special effects makeup artist learning the bulk of his skills from Dick Smith’s advanced makeup course.  He has had a lifelong love of motion pictures and special effects and has worked on and off as an independent filmmaker, producer and special effects makeup artist for over 20 years. His most recent special effects work includes the multiple award winning feature film “Hell Town”, directed by Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear and Austin Snell’s feature length western Dust, Blood and Fire.

Jake is very excited to be working on Exposure as co-writer, producer and special effects makeup artist. The special effects makeup work he has planned for the film will be all practical and a throwback to the effects work of the great makeup artists of the 70’s and 80’s.

Jake owns and operates Monster Maker By Night FX in Topeka, KS. He is married with five kids and holds dual bachelor degrees in Management and Marketing and a Masters degree in Education. To see more of his work check him out at his website and other social media outlets.